Naruto ninjas in motion

The hottest new feature in Clash of Ninja 2 may be the four-player fisticuffs, but without a classroom's worth of brand new characters to show off, they'd get stale pretty quick. As you already know, this anime sequel's sporting 23 fighters, most of which were not playable in the first game.

To see five of the hottest new characters, who are ready to fight from the moment you turn the game on, hit the Movies tab up above. Gaara, Ino and Shikamaru are in the mix, along with the pooch-throwing Kiba and the freaky eyed Hinata Hyuga. The game's only a couple of weeks away too, so by the time you're done checking out our five exclusive clips, you'll only have one week, six days and a whole lot of hours left until it's all yours.

September 12, 2006