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N+ - hands-on

Jan 16, 2008

Being a ninja takes a silent, graceful strength. You need to be nimble, blurrily fast, and absolutely ruthless. But with such incredible physical prowess, it's easy to forget that ninjas also have to be deadly smart. N+'s combination of platforming and puzzling forces aspiring ninjas to make their brawn and brains work together to triumph over your natural enemies (homing missiles and robots with guns, to name two).

Levels are bundled into sets of five, called episodes, where the goal is to complete each level as quickly as possible while collecting as many gold coins as you can. Each level has a door and a switch: you start ata closeddoor and make your way across the level to flip the switch which opens the door, and then run all the way back as fast as you can through the open door.And that's all there is to it,besideshaving to avoid allmannerof crazy obstacles along the way.