My Nintendo is live, cute, and a little confusing, in true Nintendo fashion

My Nintendo is officially live with activities to do, Mii outfits to earn, and savings to unlock. But if you were hoping for more of those sweet Club Nintendo-style physical rewards like Mario hanafuda cards, it looks like you're out of luck for now.

The new loyalty program actually has three different kinds of currency which you can exchange for rewards: Miitomo Platinum Points, regular Platinum Points, and Gold Points. Miitomo platinum is earned by completing actions in Nintendo's new mobile app (which is also out today) and regular platinum is earned by completing general My Nintendo "Missions" like linking up with your social media accounts. It looks like the only way to earn gold is to make purchases on the eShop with a linked Nintendo Network account.

Certain rewards are only available by spending platinum, and others by spending gold. It's not divided up by type or anything - you can get 15 percent off on The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD by spending 750 platinum, while you'll need to drop 140 gold to get 30 percent off on Splatoon. Full game downloads are similarly divided: the new Twilight Princess Picross game costs 1,000 platinum, while Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii U costs 230 gold. All the rewards are digital so far, though Nintendo may decide to offer physical goods later.

Nintendo plans to integrate this new service with all of its upcoming mobile apps, as well as with Nintendo NX, so you'd better get comfortable doing missions and earning currency like a cheerful cartoon mercenary.

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