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My Frogger Toy Trials review

Toy frog Olympics? That's one to pond-er


  • Stylus action breaks up monotony
  • Dress up time!
  • Frogger's still cool
  • right?


  • Dull levels
  • Horrible graphics
  • Awful control

Crack out the party hats. Frogger has been in a permanent state of road kill for 25 years. Konami celebrate by freeing him from his Sisyphean road-crossing task and placing him in a series of trials set by a talking panda.

Frogger hops around dull isometric platform levels, but he can only jump forwards, needing shoulder button presses to change direction. Due to the rubbish graphics, you can't tell which way he's facing, repeatedly sending him face first into brick walls or the water which, somewhat defying all frog logic, makes him croak it.

More Info

DescriptionJump over to your DS to team up with Frogger and his owner for an all new adventure crossing the street, hopping on logs and other challenging frog-like activities.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date7 November 2006 (US), 7 November 2006 (UK)