Must not buy

There are many games that suck. They’re shallow wastes of time devoid of entertainment or intellectual merit. These games are a scourge upon our cultural landscape and the cause of all society’s ills. They are the things that took our hard-earned money and turned it into a waste of shelf space.

Yes, most games are the disease, but we are the cure. It is time to strike out the Leisure Suit Larrys in our hearts, banish the Daikatanas from our minds and cleanse the Bass Avengers from our hard drives once and for all. The games that follow are not those you play with morbid fascination, nor those that you gather around with friends to mock. These are the games that tarnish all of us by their presence. They aren’t the only offenders by any means, but they are the worst.

These are GamesRadar’s least wanted. Spit after saying their names.