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There a few surprises to be had in this well-executed, amiable and formulaic rom-com that sees Hugh Grant cast as a faded 80s pop star trying to reignite his career by crafting a hit song with his quirky new lyricist and love interest, Sophie (Drew Barrymore). The predictably daft premise requires Grant to sing horrible pop pastiches in a reedy thin voice (admittedly amusing), deliver caustic one-liners and provide one of the genuinely guffaw-worthy moments when his face is forced in the butter dish during a restaurant spat. Meanwhile, Barrymore turns in her practiced cuteness by biting her lip beguilingly and saying all her lines in her characteristic sing-song cadence.

All very charming and entertaining to watch the pros at work, but even the most die-hard romantic might balk at the ropey third act love-split contrivance and distinct cheesy finale. Sweet but soulless, slick but banal - perfect material to accompany an in-flight meal.

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