Multiplayer Gears in action

Wednesday 8 November 2006
Gears of War is a single-player smasher - just point your eyes at our review for the full rundown - but we've got a visual treat for you here in the form of an exhaustive video playtest of the many brill multiplayer levels. Hit the movies tab now to see each and every map of the apocalyptic blaster in action.

Above: Gears of War and its many multiplayer maps display an eye-watering level of visual detail. This is next-gen, gamers

With Gears' release date hovering on the horizon - next Friday, 17 November, calendar fans - we can confirm that splurging the cash on a spanking new 360 just to play the game is money well spent. And if you've already got yourself a next-gen machine then you've no excuses - Gears of War is essential for anyone with an appetite for thrills and breathless action. That's you, right?

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