MS quiet on "Ultimate" Xbox 360

Jan 3, 2008

It looks like Microsoft overlord Bill Gates will be rolling out some "important" Xbox 360 news at CES in Las Vegas next week, but could it really be another, HD-DVD enabled console SKU?

According to gadgetsite, that's exactly what Gates will be lifting the curtain on. The "Xbox Ultimate," it says, will arrive in Autumn 2008 with built-in wi-fi, hi-def audio output, 1080p HDMI support, cooler 65nm hardware architecture and a near-silent fan.

Basically everything the PS3's had from the beginning, then.

Even more impressive (if a little unbelievable), Stuff says the new 360 SKU will come with built-in HD-DVD drive and a massive 320GB Hard Drive - perfect for making the most of the upcoming Xbox IPTV service, which Stuff says will also be cemented at CES.

Rather than making their console even more hardcore, we would've guessed Microsoft would be gunning for Nintendo's 'casual' dollar in 2008. So this is claim is, if anything, a little unbelievable.

We contacted Microsoft UK anyway, who gave us a very expected "no comment". We'll be at CES next week to let you know if it's a load of old porkies.


Courtesy of CVG