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MotorStorm RC announced, bringing small-time racing to the PSN and PS Vita

MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios has announced work on a new entry in their popular racing franchise, but don't expect to find the same explosive, off-road mayhem found in the other games in the series. Instead, they've scaled it down to a much, much smaller size. Much smaller. It's called MotorStorm RC, and, as the name implies, the downloadable game will switch out the trucks, bikes, and cars for tiny RC versions of the vehicles.

But despite the massive changes to the game, MotorStorm RC promises to include everything fans of the series love. It's still going to take place in extreme environments inspired by the deserts of the original game, the jungles of Pacific Rift, the icy tundra of Arctic Edge, and the destroyed cities of Apocolypse, and it will still feature eight different racing categories including buggies, superminis, rally cars, muscle cars, racing trucks, supercars, big rigs, and monster trucks. It's just going to be... smaller.

Though for as interesting as the gameplay looks, it's the tech that has us excited. Buying the game on the PlayStation Network opens it up for both the PlayStation 3 and the Vita, giving two games for the price of one. More than that, MotorStorm RC allows players to compete with friends no matter which version of the game they're using by comparing scores (though we're not 100% sure if the actual multiplayer is split-screen only). It's due out next spring for both systems, giving you even more to look forward to playing when you shell out $250 for the Vita in a few months.

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