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MotorStorm: Postcards from the Apocalypse

The city in MotorStorm Apocalypse was probably a beatiful place, full of majestic skyscrapers, bohemian suburbs, lush parkland and lazy seaside fairground. It's just a bit hard to tell when it's been ravaged by earthquakes, violent storms and catastrophic explosions. But who says you can't still have a good time? Take a look at our postcards sent back from the city, all taken in-game, whether from pre-race screens or using the superb photo mode.

Above: The setting for the 'Waves of Mutilation' seaside race. A Pixies reference, surely?

Above: Swimming with clothes and sunglasses on. It was justthat kind of party

Above:The atmosphere was warm, but the burgers were a bit overdone. Hot dancers, though

Above: Ah, remember when we ate in that lovely little Italian near the slag heap? Happy memories...

Above: Those tyres are actually softer than they look. And the weight distribution barely marks your skull

Above:Three, two, one... JAZZ HANDS!

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08 Mar, 2011

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