MotorGun Kickstarts car combat with Twisted Metal, Interstate 76 creators

The call of the open road is like a screeching fan belt: it will not be silenced. Developer Pixelbionic is looking to Kickstart a new team-based car combat game called MotorGun, made in reverence of the glory days of semi-apocalyptic automobile assaults.

In fact, Pixelbionic reveres those days so much that it brought on Twisted Metal and God of War creator David Jaffe and Interstate '76 creator Zack Norman on as creative advisors. We'll have an interview with Jaffe on this week's RadioRadar, but you can get a little peek at his enthusiasm for cars blowing up other cars in the Kickstarter video below.

MotorGun isn't just a nostalgia trip. The game will add persistent features like selectable factions, cars customizable from motor block to machine gun, and multiple modes to give its online multiplayer staying power.

Pixelbionic is looking for $650,000 to build its vision of post-apocalyptic demolition derbie by its its estimated release date of October 2014, and it stands at just over $34,000 pledged about two days into its month-long campaign. Early birds can still snag a copy for $20.

Connor Sheridan

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