More shocking secrets of game store workers - Part Four

GamesRadar: What sort of fanboys do you meet through working in a game store?

Employee #1: Final Fantasy fans are the worst. I like the series… but people automatically assume it’s the best thing in the world, above anything else, that’s what FF fans often come across like. Other fanboys will be buying a game, then they’ll tell you all about the game they’re buying, trying to preach to the converted.

Employee #6: I don't converse with customer enough to know who's a fanboy, to be honest. All our regulars are very diverse in terms of what consoles they play on.

Employee #7: Probably the Sony boys are worst. They tend to be casual chavs who only buy games made by EA. They tend to use words such as ‘gangsta’ and ‘phat’ to describe anything. Then again, the Nintendo fan boys can be a bit full on too. They tend to be a bit fat, and smell a bit fusty. The Xbox fan boys are a mixture of the two. All fan boys are idiots though. I’m a games fan. I play game regardless of the host platform. Fan boys are so blinded. It’s a bit like declaring that you’re a movie buff, but you aren’t going to watch any movies that are made by Universal or Warner Bros.

Employee #4: 360 fanboys are the worst, hands down! You cannot even think of the word Sony without them knowing. I try not to talk about PS3 games around them. I respect them for loving the games that they do, though.

Employee #2: You can spot one as soon as they come into the store. At first they'll linger near the till point and listen to advice you are giving to customers, no doubt so they can go back home and blog about how rubbish your advice was. I love it when they puff their chests out and try to out-info me on a particular game or console (usually the Sony ones). Nintendo fans are awesome they're so excitable and full of enthusiasm.

Employee #3: Nintendo fanboys are worst, without a doubt. Obnoxious, smarmy bastards. It's as if they've got something to prove now that the DS and Wii are selling after the atrocity that was the GameCube.