More Shadowrun games planned?

Jan 4, 2008

The Shadowrun forums are due to be closed in the next few weeks but there's hope of further products from the brand emerging in the future.

Shadowrun developer FASA recently closed its doors to the public, presumably after the damp reception the 360 and PC game received. If you remember it was the first game for 360 and PC that allowed cross-platform gaming between both parties. You may also remember that we scored it 6/10.

A post on the Shadowrun forums reads: "We're going to be closing down the Shadowrun forums in about two weeks. As many of you know, the old FASA crew has mostly moved on to other roles within Microsoft, and that means we don't have enough people to monitor and respond to posts here for the coming year.

"We'll eventually close down and transition it to the folks working on the next generation of Shadowrun products."

Courtesy of CVG.