More id games to live again on Live?

Following classic first-person shooter Doom's arrival on Xbox Live Arcade, creator id's head honcho Todd Hollenshead has discussed the possibility of bringing more of its PC hits to the service.

"We're looking at bringing some of the other games to XLA but a lot is going to depend on the response to Doom. From what Microsoft tells us it's been fantastic so far, which bodes well for other id classics to be released there," Hollenshead told gaming site FiringSquad.

That would likely mean the appearance of medieval Doom-engine offshoots Heretic and Hexen but we'd love to see id go a little less retro and pump out the original Quake - and show a whole new generation of gamers how we saw true 3D gaming for the first time. 16-player deathmatch in Claustrophobopolis over Live? We'd be in there like a rocket shot in a camped spawn point.

October 12, 2006