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Monday Link-a-Mania

Chuck Renewed!

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that geek action series Chuck has definitely been renewed for another half season. NBC picked up 13 episodes of the series from Warner Bros, which made some budget concessions to secure the show a third season. Seems that once Fox found a way to make the much lesser-rated Dollhouse work for autumn late last week, Chuck's return was assured. See the The Hollywood Reporter story here .

But Sarah Connor definitely gone?

Sadly, though, the Entertainment Weekly rumour site keeping its eye on the autumn season cancellations reckons that The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been officially crossed off the list. Boo.

Chris Hemsworth is new Thor

We Twittered over the weekend about how Chris "George Kirk from Star Trek" Hemsworth was rumoured to be in talks to play Marvel's Thor. But now it's been confirmed by Variety . Yay! Kenneth Branagh is directing the movie based on the Norse god hero, and they appear to have settled on the former Home & Away actor (last seen aboard the USS Kelvin). This means Hemsworth will probably also appear in the forthcoming Avengers movie. As Variety points out, it's a good time for this Australian actor, since Hemsworth has also just finished filming a part for the Joss Whedon-produced Cabin In The Woods, and is in the remake of Red Dawn.

Star Trek best ever

JJ Abram's awesome new Star Trek film has become the most successful movie in the Trek franchise internationally, snagging about $70 million over two weeks (First Contact has come second with $57.4 million overseas).

No movie in the franchise has beaten $100 million overseas before, but Paramount is predicting that this one could do around $150 million internationally and around $400 million worldwide! Read more at SCI FI Wire and Total Film .

Doctor Who film?

File this one under "2+2=5" but we were tipped off about the website of Russell T Davies's agent , which seems to list, under current projects:


So, do you think there's a Doctor Who movie being worked up? What would you like to see in it? Share you thoughts below as always...