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Monday Link-A-Mania

Doctor Who tops 3D poll; Narnia tops box office; Taken could go to TV; Glee star not Buffy (yet, anyway)

[caption id="attachment_42866" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="The 3D Who trailer from earlier this year"]


Doctor Who Tops Most Wanted In 3D Poll
According to a poll run by Panasonic, Doctor Who is the show most viewers would like to see in 3D, reports The Doctor Who News Page . Second place went to Wallace And Gromit , with Top Gear in third (blimey, a leering 3D Jeremy Clarkson sounds downright scary to us!). The poll also revealed that the 3D viewers would prefer to see reality The X-Factor in 3D over Strictly Come Dancing, and EastEnders over Coronation Street . Doctor Who was previously shown in 3D in 1993 for the Doctor Who / EastEnders crossover produced for Children In Need (pause to shudder at the memory) and the fifth season of New Who was also promoted in cinemas by a 3D ad campaign. Personally, we could do without having to watch the show through plastic glasses.

Taken : The TV Series?
Don’t get too excited yet. If it does happen it’ll be a very long way off. EuropaCorp, the Luc Besson-run production company behind films such as Taken , and Transporter , is making further moves into TV production following the success of the new Nikita series, which is based on another of its franchises. According to Deadline , a Transporter TV series has already found an American broadcaster and will start filming in 2011, while EuropaCorp is also considering the possibility of a Taken TV show. However, this would only happen after Taken 2 is released, if at all.