MoH Heroes fires off a clip

Wednesday 1 November 2006
While the grown-up desktop-dwelling Airborne might be grounded for many more months, the pocket-dwelling PSP edition known as Medal of Honor Heroes is getting closer to its objective with every passing day. So to while away those weeks of waiting between now and its 17 November launch date, why not indulge your irises with the clip concealed by the movie tab above?

A click there will reveal just how this, the first PSP version of MoH, trawls through the series' history to create a greatest hits of its Brylcreemed warriors and weapons. But, while you reprise the roles of Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson, Sergeant John Baker and Lieutenant William Holt, you also get to see a whole host of new locations and levels including Holland and Italy.

Above: Pictures are worth a thousand words but they don't tell you how great the sound in Heroes is

And continuing this mixture of the old and the new, there will be a 32-person-strong online option that at the same time allows you to collect and unlock 20 classic characters from the games many variants and versions.

But plenty of new features have also been packed into the 15 missions and maps so there is an ad-hoc WiFi mode that allows eight gamers to jump into quickfire battle or to join in a 16-aside deathmatch, if you have a nearby PC to use as a game server.

With the Heroes almost in firing range, we'll have a review for you very soon.