MLB Power Pros - hands-on

When you play a game, from Season to Exhibition, your team's players will have smiley faces attributed to them that range from happy to sad. As you may have guessed, these emoticons indicate slight attribute shifts in your players for that game. While these icons are random in Exhibition, they carry through Season mode and change depending on big plays made or egregious errors.

As mentioned before, Power Pros features an RPG mode dubbed "Success." You play as a college frosh trying to make your way to the minors by winning the college World Series, but along the way you'll have to go to class, go on dates and get a job. If like us, you already experienced these horrors in real-life, you need not worry 'cause improving in these areas will boost your stats, which then grant you extra abilities (of which there are tons) on the playing field. Add to that six different endings and the fact that you can import your character into Season mode and you'll have something to keep you coming back.

Believe us when we say MLB Power Pros has something for everyone from your casual sports fan to in-depth stat-cruncher. With a wealth of options and almost everything to tweak at your disposal, you get way more than you could ever bargain for. Power Pros hits store shelves October 1, just in time for the playoffs. Check back for a review soon.