MLB 08 The Show

Back in the day, Sony’s MLB series had some hardball competition from EA’s Triple Play franchise. To stay ahead of 2K’s MLB series, Sony has spent the last 3 years refining its long running slugger into latest effort, MLB 08 The Show. While Sony is sticking to its formula of great-playing baseball and further deepening its innovative Road to the Show mode, the preview build looks like it may have what it takes to get the call up to the Bigs.

As sure as ARod loves blonde strippers, MLB 08 has a ton of the expected updates, gameplay tweaks and depth, but there’s more to the new content than your typical obligatory sports game roster revision. The MLB team has fine-tuned the Road to the Show mode again, this time giving your created player the ability to play a more dynamic defensive game (you have more pre-play movement based on the hitter you’re facing). Also, the new Progressive Batting Performance feature gives rewards and dings for your batting performance similar to the way last year’s Pitch Command System tweak rewarded your pitch picks.