MLB 07: The Show

Sony's first-party MLB series has been swinging a mean bat in recent years. Not since NFL GameDay in the late 1990s has Sony been so consistent with a sports franchise. Next February, we'll see a triple-header as MLB 07: The Show will play games on PS2, PSP, and PS3. How will this emerging star handle this type of schedule? Sony gave us a glimpse into the PS2 version of next year's title at a recent event in Los Angeles.

MLB 07 is getting pretty darn serious about America's pastime. It's considering more in-depth stats than ever before to ensure the game is more realistic than any baseball title in the past. Records in hitting, pitching and running create a league full of unique players.

Of course, intangibles are far from the only improvements to MLB 07, as there are some drastic changes that will strike you immediately upon picking up a controller. The first is the viewpoint, which has gone from the standard behind-the-batter view to out behind the pitcher's mound. This may seem odd at first, but the reasoning is simple: This game has catchers that do more than get knee cramps. Your defensive co-pilot tosses out suggestions on which pitch to throw and where to aim. Whether you listen is up to you, but after plenty of hands-on play with the PS2 version, the guy with the funny mask knows what he's talking about.