Misfits 5.01 "Episode One" REVIEW

TV REVIEW Return of the Freaks

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Misfits 5.01 review .

Episode 5.01
Writer: Howard Overman
Director: William McGregor

THE ONE WHERE Alex has received the lung of a man whose power was that he could have sex with someone and make them lose their power. This later comes in handy when Finn is possessed by the devil.

VERDICT After a generally underwhelming series four, the fifth and final series of Misfits kicks off with a good deal of promise. This episode isn’t short of the irreverent energy that made earlier series so much fun, and there are plenty of new elements introduced to tease and tantalise.

It offers a good ol' Misfits mix: a few big laughs amidst some dark and violent occurrences. The Satanic scouts offer a welcome semi-return of “big bad of the week” type folk, and Finn’s possession is definitely a little unsettling. Well done to actor Nathan McMullen for making the scene where he threatens to bottle Alex so scarily convincing.

The ep has lots of little high points memorable for different reasons – the girl suddenly getting hit by the car; Jess’s teary door-step confrontation with Alex; the woman knitting the future of the Misfits on the jumper; and, of course, Rudy in a scout uniform! With the usual salty dialogue and distinctive visuals, it’s a solid season opener. Let’s hope the next seven episodes maintain and improve upon it.

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE Introduced for this final series are the power support group, which will provide intrigue; the tortoise, which should provide droll mirth; and Alex’s new power, which offers, ooh, all kinds of fun.

NITPICK The two Rudys aren’t as distinctive as before. A couple of times I wasn’t certain which Rudy was meant to be which.

NITPICK 2 There’s not much shading of Abbey’s (Natasha O’Keefe) character in this one, but later episodes are sure to be different.

HIGHLIGHT Well, albeit watched through the fingers, it’s got to be Alex, er, “relieving” Finn of his demonic possession. And the reaction of probation worker Greg (Shaun Dooley) is priceless – firstly more polite than he’s ever been and then a picture of buried anguish just after.

TOP TUNES There’s a nice, slow cover of the Undertones’ classic “Teenage Kicks” and, amusingly, the scout group do Oasis’s “Wonderwall” in the hall.


Alex: “Now I’ve got a chance to use my cock for good.”


Rudy: “Breaking and entering – his sphincter!”

Russell Lewin

Misfits is broadcast on E4 on Wednesday nights.

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