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Mirror's Edge Catalyst beta begins April 22 with 'social play,' lace your running shoes

The Mirror's Edge Catalyst beta is about to begin. On your marks… get set… wait until April 22! You'll have five days to get your first-person wall-running fill before doors close on April 26, but from the sound of things, there'll be plenty to do. The beta will offer story missions, side quests, and multiplayer options.

DICE has been fairly quiet on what options Catalyst will have for multiplayer, but now we know that there will be time trials, ghost races, even the ability to create your own races and challenge your friends to a parkour-off. You can see it in action below:

Sadly, this will not be an open beta. You'll have to already be registered with EA to get in, and even then, entry is not guaranteed. EA and DICE will be uploading gameplay videos from the beta community however, so you'll see what the game looks like when it's in players' hands instead of developer showreels.

At least if you and I end up on the outside looking in, we won't have long to be jealous: Mirror's Edge Catalyst will launch for Xbox One, PS4, and PC just one month after the beta, on May 24.

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Sam Prell
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