Mineways makes your Minecraft creations a reality

If you ever wanted to hold something you made in Minecraft, Mineways can help make your creations a reality. Developed by Eric Haines, the open source software exports Minecraft models and texture maps for use with 3D printer software like Shapeways. This isn’t the first tool of this type released with Minecraft in mind. Minecraft.Print will also get the job done, but not in full color.

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, Shapeways will print your creations for a fee. But Haines warns that larger models can get really expensive. “This usually happens with larger models, those 100+ hour darlings you sweated over in Minecraft,” explains Haines.

Check out the tutorial video below, where Haines walks you through the process of using Mineways to print a full-color sandstone version of an Eiffel Tower pulled from Minecraft. You can find step-by-step instructions explaining how to use Mineways with lots of tips, suggestions on reducing printing costs, and useful resources here.

Above: From Minecraft to the palm of your hand