Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update announced, launching next summer

(Image credit: Mojang)

Minecraft is getting a big new update In Summer 2021 that expands two pretty crucial areas of the game: caves and cliffs

Mojang revealed the upcoming expansion for Minecraft earlier today during the Minecraft Live event. Due to the huge size of the update, it won’t be releasing when Minecraft updates typically go live during the Holiday season, but will instead launch next year in Summer 2021.

The Caves and Cliffs update will, as you might have guessed, expand the caves and cliffs areas of the game in a huge way. There’ll be lush caves, dripstone caves, crystal geodes, and more to explore in the update, as well as mobs of enemies waiting within.

There’ll be two new types of blocks featured in the fancy new caves: Sculk Sensor and stalactites/stalagmites. The former of the two blocks will react to player movement by emitting a redstone signal, while the latter introduces traps including fall damage if you hit a stalactite or stalagmite, for example.

Mojang will also be introducing an entire archaeology system with the Caves and Cliffs update. As well as narrow tunnels, huge caverns, and even waterfalls within said caves, you’ll also be able to uncover lost artifacts by gently brushing dirt away to uncover forgotten relics.

As for the Cliffs part of the update, there aren’t as many details to go on right now. Mountains will be getting a huge overhaul, and there’ll be mischievous goats and snowy traps for players to encounter on the cliffs.

Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update launches on all platforms in Summer 2021. 

If you’re still ploughing through Minecraft before the Caves and Cliffs update launches next Summer, head over to our Minecraft cheats guide for a comprehensive walkthrough.

Hirun Cryer

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