Mighty and magical movie

With equal parts might and magic, the newly-conjured gameplay trailer for the upcoming Dark Messiah of Might and Magic demonstrates a whole host of dilemmas. Do you slice that Orc's hideous head off with an expertly timed sword strike, or pound him into submission with giant fireballs? Take him out with your twin daggers, ninja-style, or crush him underfoot after shrinking him down to cockroach size? Watch him stumble off a cliff after a skull-crushing blast to the noggin, or impale him onto those nasty metal spikes with a swift kick?

Piling on options seems to be Dark Messiah's calling card. Even still, your skills sometimes take a back seat to deadly traps and ever-present environmental catastrophes. Half-Life veterans may dig this energy-rammed physics-fest, but miss their Gravity Gun. However, with the handy telekinesis spell, you'll feel right at home tossing Orcs into yawning chasms.

Check out all the action for yourself by hitting the Movies tab at the top of the screen. Be warned, however: the Cyclops boss battle movie contains some tactical spoilers. But we couldn't wait to see what the world of Ashan has in store for us, so yeah, we clicked it.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic will appear in stores on September 26, 2006.

July 11, 2006