Microsoft to focus on cross-platform gaming

Microsoft to date may have only announced two games that support cross-platform gaming between PC and Xbox 360 via Live, butthey're assuring us that Shadowrun and UNO won't be alone for long.

Microsoft's director of Games for Windows, Rich Wickham, recently toldus that we'll see announcements on cross-platform supporting games over the next 12 months, and that they won't be first-party developed either.

Emphasizing the strength of support for the feature, Wickham explained, "We're working really closely with third parties to make sure there's third-party content out on the service as well, this is not just the Microsoft Game Studio's online service, this is a PC-wide ecosystem online gaming service."

Above: We're waiting for more cross-platform play. Just Shadowrun won't cut it, Microsoft

Touching on Microsoft's commitment to cross-platform, he said the company is "absolutely motivated to make sure we have a lot of great games."

"Certainly we know the service can only be successful with as many games as possible, that's what makes it great and certainly that's what makes the subscription worthwhile," he added.

Speaking about the types of games that will support cross-platform play going forward, Wickham said, "I think you'll see a mix of core large-file type games like you would expect - like Shadowrun - but also a really cool and interesting combination of some of the more casual and arcade games we offer on Xbox Live."

Games for Windows - Live was officially unveiled last week. Cross-platform play between Xbox 360 and PC will be accessible via a Gold membership of Games for Windows - Live (existing subscribers to Xbox Live Gold automatically count as a subscriber to Windows - Live Gold).

March 20, 2007