Microsoft sued over scratched 360 discs

Two Californians have filed a class action suit against Microsoft alleging the Xbox 360 is prone to scratching discs.

Christine Moskowitz and Dan Wood filed a complaint on Monday in the US District Court of Southern California, according to InformationWeek.

The class action seeks no less than $5 million in damages.

The suit says: "Microsoft improperly and/or negligently manufactured the Xbox 360 console in a manner that causes the expensive game discs... to be scratched, rendering the games unusable."

Moskowitz said she bought an Xbox 360 and three games - Gears of War, Crackdown and Saints Row - for her son, and within months the games bore circular scratches. Wood's Xbox 360 allegedly scratched his copy of Splinter Cell. Microsoft refused to replace the games.

Microsoft was hit with a similar lawsuit in Florida last week. Microsoft denied the allegations.

Reports of the Xbox 360 causing circular scratches on discs are nothing new. Very close to Xbox 360's launch in November 2006, reports began emerging across various Internet venues about circular scratches. Some claim that the scratches are only caused by moving the Xbox 360 while a disc is spinning, while one Dutch TV investigation claimed that some Xbox 360s lack a rubber padding around the optical lens, causing the scratches under normal use.

Earlier this month, Microsoft said that it would be shelling out over $1 billion for repairs and reimbursements for three-red-light Xbox 360 defects, which are unrelated to disc scratching.

Article taken fromNext Generation.

July 20, 2007