Microsoft begins testing a Night Mode for Xbox consoles

Xbox Series X
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Microsoft has begun rolling out a new night mode for its Xbox consoles.

While not currently available to all players – only Xbox Insiders participating in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring get to try it out right now – the feature will enable players to set a blue light filter – super helpful for those late-night sessions – and dim their screens, as well as modify the brightness of the ambient lights on both the console's button light and the LED in the controller.

"Night Mode has now been added as a new feature in Settings!" Microsoft announced in a post on the Xbox Newswire (thanks, The Verge). "Users can now dim and filter their screen, as well as dim their console & controller LED brightness."

Players will also be able to set the console to disable HDR when dark mode is active, too, and schedule the mode – automatically or manually – to turn on and off according to the sunrise and sunset in your region. 

Right now the feature is only available to testers via the English language, although Microsoft does say that "localization is still pending", which hopefully means alternate languages will hopefully soon follow.

For those who do have the inside track, the new update is available now and should be available when you next update your system.

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