Michael Fassbender confirms he'll return for Prometheus sequel

Michael Fassbender has given a brief update on the proposed sequel to Prometheus , telling Collider that the sci-fi follow-up is very much a go.

While new writer Michael Green was recently hired to begin work on a script, official studio confirmation has still yet to emerge, and it remains uncertain whether Ridley Scott will return to direct.

However, when asked by Collider whether he was looking forward to working with Scott on the project, Fassbender responded, "For sure… I love Ridley, he's a master filmmaker."

When co-interviewee James McAvoy then asked him whether he was doing a sequel, Fassbender reiterated, "yeah, but when I don't know."

All of which sounds as though the wheels are in motion, only for some final negotiations to be ironed out. Watch this space, android fans...