MGS4 street date broken

Copies of the much-anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4 have been released into the wild a full week ahead of the June 12 release date.

According to reports, some Wal-Mart stores in the US have handed over copies of Kojima's masterpiece ahead of the street date, with snaps of those turning up on the net as the purchasers gloat.

Luckily for Sony, piracy won't be a problem, thanks in part to the use of Blu-ray discs, and that's probably why Konami didn't seem to bothered in a speedily-readied statement regarding the leaks.

"Unfortunately, these things happen," it said. "As much as we like see that no one breaks streets dates, no one can monitor every single moment that a title gets packed up for shipment and when it's on its way to the stores.

"The store could be at fault as well, for letting someone get a copy before the street date," said Konami (via PSU). Well yes, unless the people who bought them used Jedi mind tricks.

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab)

Jun 9, 2008