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Metal Gear Online: First images

If you ever had the chance to play online with MGS3: Subsistence, you'll know it was one of PS2's best multiplayer games. It's got a different flavor to most deathmatches. Get a good group together and Subsistence's online gameplay has superb personality, challenge and rewarding teamwork. So our hopes are high for Metal Gear Online for PS3.

And by peeking at theseshots, we can predict that MGO will be very like Subsistence. There are new additions - like visible heat signatures for teammates - and surely there will be some great new match types. Consider us sold.

What we'rewondering about is Konami's plan for its release. Will it be a full retail release, potentially with offline extras? Or will it be a heavyweight PS Network release? And, damn it, when can we play? Hopefully, the answers will be revealed sooner rather than later.

July 25, 2007

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