Be vewy vewy Quiet in Metal Gear Online add-on, coming this March

Metal Gear Online is getting a drop of new content, and fans of the scantily-clad sniper Quiet are in for a treat. The add-on, titled Cloaked in Silence, will finally make Snake's least-furry companion playable. Although the news post doesn't specify, I assume she'll appear in the same hero rotation that lets players take control of Snake and Ocelot.

The MGO version of Quiet will have the same abilities she has in the main game, including temporarily turning invisible, incredible speed, and superhuman leaping prowess. And, of course, she'll come equipped with her trademark sniper rifle.

Cloaked in Silence will also add three new maps: Coral Complex, Rust Palace, and Azure Mountain. Coral Complex takes place on Snake's Mother Base, Rust Palace is an indoor map based in Afghanistan, and Azure Mountain is set on the African plains. Feel free to use new "appeal actions" - microtransaction-priced special poses that operate similar to Destiny's emotes - as you make your way across the new terrain.

Although not a part of the Cloaked in Silence expansion, there will also be a new mode added to MGO at the same time as the DLC's launch. Sabotage has teams fighting over a missile, with attackers doing their best to breach an electromagnetic field so they can destroy or fulton the weapon, and defenders doing their best to stop that from happening.

Cloaked in Silence is due sometime in March, with a pricetag of $4/€4. Each appeal pack will run $2/€2.

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Sam Prell

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