Meet Fight-Bunny, a rabbit fighting for pie, cake, and justice

Fight-Bunny #1
(Image credit: Jennifer L. Meyer/Ariana Maher (Linney Incorporated))

For those who have a hankering for Paddington bear but are hoping for a bit more 'punch,' you'll have that with the upcoming graphic novel The Effervescent Adventures of Fight-Bunny.

(Image credit: Jennifer L. Meyer/Ariana Maher (Linney Incorporated))

Artist Jennifer L. Meyer, writer Nate Cosby, and letterer Ariana Maher have come together for 45-page all-ages OGN starring an anthropomorphic rabbit as she uses a sword and cape (and an oversized heart) to fight for what's right.

"All was well in the Great Flooded Forest! Squirrels and foxes played gin rummy, birds enjoyed bubble baths, there was a hippo with very judgy opinions on tea was swell. But on a specifically particular day, WATER started FLOODING the forest...and the cause? BEAVERS WITH IMPRESSIVE WORK ETHICS!" reads Cosby's description of the one-shot. "While some of the animals prepared to move on to higher/drier ground, others fretted and flailed and fanned out for a hero to save their home!

"Luckily, at that very moment, they were visited by (spoiler)... Fight-Bunny!" the description continues. "CAN Fight-Bunny battle and baffle a bevy of belligerent beavers? WILL the secrets of the Great Flooded Forest unfold in time to save all those that live there? WHY is the hippo SO adamant about the boiling temperature of their English Breakfast tea?"

Check out this five-page preview:

Scheduled to debut this October, The Effervescent Adventures of Fight-Bunny is currently raising funds on Kickstarter - which is currently nearing $20,000 towards a $24,500 goal by January 28.

"Fight-Bunny is about a bunny named Fight-Bunny that fights. She hates evil. She thinks bad sucks. So she travels the world, doing her dangdest to trounce tyranny in whatever form it manifests," Cosby tells Newsarama. "Jennifer and I have been planning Fight-Bunny for years and years, and now seemed like the right time to roll it out, because pretty much everybody could use a story about a laughing bunny with a sword that loves pie and cake and justice!"

The Effervescent Adventures of Fight-Bunny will be on sale in October, both digitally and in print. Check out Newsarama's list of the best digital comics readers for Android and iOS devices.

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