Medal of Honor Heroes - solo hands-on

Last Friday we took you into the 32-player online massacre that is Medal of Honor Heroes - this week we're fleshing out the solo experience. Right off the bat, we're happy to say it's handling just like its PS2 brothers. All the authentic sound effects and weapon designs you've become accustomed to over the years have made the cut, and the busted European layouts extend off into the distance to immerse you in Nazi-run chaos.

Each chunk of the game stars a hero from a previous Medal game. In the first three scenarios you'll plow through Italy, Holland and Belgium, freeing villages and securing crucial pieces of stolen tech for the Allied cause. Instead of the more FPS-centric levels found in 2002's Frontline, Heroes takes a cue from last year's slightly arcadey European Assault, plastering giant icons over key areas and secondary objectives.

Those non-keystone missions do open up the levels, however, allowing you to explore the region and tackle your targets in any order. We're about 30% through the game and all the optional targets are simple pickups - nothing excessively challenging or hidden at all. Some might find it fast-paced and fun; others may want more out of their extra effort.

The only other thing that's changed from the console games is the control - once again, one analog stick has caused some trouble. You can choose from several types of layouts, but none truly make up for the lack of a second stick. Using the select button to jump is also cumbersome.