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Matt Damon in talks to join Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi Elysium

Bourne superstar Matt Damon is set to join Sharlto Copley in Neill Blomkamp's mystery-shrouded follow-up to District 9 .

After such a startling debut, it's no surprise that Blomkamp is attracting A-list talent for his next venture.

Next to nothing is known about the plot of Elysium , though it is expected to be set on another planet in the far-flung future, and it's apparently not linked to District 9 at all.

Whether or not it has anything to do with a creepy, atmospheric viral that Blomkamp recently filmed is also unknown.

The project adds to an eclectic line-up for Damon: he'll next be seen as Texas ranger LaBoeuf in the Coen Brothers' hotly-anticipated Western True Grit , and he's then got Philip K. Dick adaptation The Adjustment Bureau , as well as Steven Soderbergh projects Contagion and Liberace .

Needless to stay we'll be keeping a close eye on anything Blomkamp turns his attention to, and we'll be eagerly awaiting further details on this project.

Source: Deadline via FirstShowing

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