Massive for nothing


Let’s get the bad out of the way first: When we tried the Korea-born Fiesta, it suffered from a completely incomprehensible script translation. We were assured that this was being addressed (and may be resolved by the time you read this), but it’s definitely an issue to look out for. Fortunately, Fiesta’s many strengths become apparent when you step away from the NPC dialog box. For starters, it’s among the most visually attractive of the anime-inspired MMOs out there, and has some standout character and beast design. The game is also very dedicated to building a relationship between developers and players.

This effort results in a dynamic environment where player desires and suggestions turn into in-game content very quickly, and many players feel they have a personal relationship with the game’s GMs. For these reasons, the game is worth looking into, at least so you can experience the server-spanning camaraderie of a GM-controlled in-game event. If you do end up really involved in the game, Fiesta offers a paid item store that provides hardcore players with the usual convenience bonuses and customization options.

CABAL Online

CABAL Online does little to break the typical fantasy MMO mold, but it does offer up an unusual amount of polish compared to its contemporaries. The game tells a surprisingly cohesive (though generic) story that in turn complements its compact world. This makes it feel as though you’re actually playing it a lot of the time, and not just holding down a key to get somewhere. The game also has flashes of creativity, such as characters quickly gaining a combo skill that requires timing-based twitch reflexes to link attacks into a daisy chain of unrelenting death. It’s a fun addition to typical point-and-click battling that should appeal to more action-oriented gamers.

CABAL Online also encourages PvP “duels” using a system that rewards victors with various convenience enhancements that some other free MMOs charge real money for, like increased potion stacking. But that’s not to say CABAL doesn’t want you to pay for it - it, too, has a marketplace that offers up services such as temporary enhancements, custom pets, and costumes. It’s not the best game out there, but strong production quality and the game’s manageable map size make CABAL Online a good option that could fill a niche for more casual players.

Jun 18, 2008