Mass Effect Legendary Edition statistics reveal that more than half of players save Ashley Williams

Mass Effect Ashley Williams
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A new infographic about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has revealed some interesting statistics about its players. 

The game’s developer BioWare has shared a series of statistics about the different ways fans of the series played the new remastered collection, with one of the more fascinating ones being that 60% of players saved Ashley on Virmire compared to 40% who saved Kaidan.

The huge infographic contains stats on several aspects of all three games, so if you’re new to the series, probably best that you play the game yourself before looking into these results to avoid spoilers.

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Some more interesting stats were that 52% of players chose Earthborn when deciding what pre-service to choose, that 44% chose survivor when it came to what their psychological profile was, and that 40% of players chose to make Soldier their military specialization.  

The more surprising statistics highlighted in the Tweet are that the majority of players chose to play as male Shepard (68%), over female Shepard (32%), and that only 4% of players chose to exile fan-favorite character Tali.

It’s also reassuring that a whopping 94% of players didn’t shoot Wrex during the confrontation on Virmire and that 93% of players managed to save the Rachni Queen in the first Mass Effect, whereas 7% didn’t. 

The stats also revealed what squadmates were most likely to survive the Suicide Mission with Garrus coming out on top at number 1, followed right behind by Jacob and Grunt at numbers 2 and 3, Miranda, Legion, and Samara all take 4th, 5th, and 6th spots respectively, Kasumi, Thane, Zaeed at 7, 8, and 9, and finally at the bottom end of the list who are most likely to not survive the mission we have Jack, Tali, and Mordin at numbers 10 through to 12. 

These rankings do get slightly rearranged when it comes to who the most popular squadmates are though, with Garrus still sitting high up at number 1, Tali who has moved from the bottom of the survival list to second in the favorite list, and Liara who completes the top three favorites. It was also revealed that 68% of players decided to punch the reporter in the face whilst only 32% managed the press with grace and dignity. 

Now want to replay all three games and alter your decisions? Take a look at our Mass Effect ending guides for guidance. 

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