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Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes Tali’s photograph

Mass Effect 2 romance Tali
(Image credit: EA)

The infamous photo of Tali that you get if you romance her has been changed in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Bioware has tweaked the photo, which took flak from fans at the time due to how similar it looked to a Getty stock photo (opens in new tab), in Mass Effect Legendary Edition though, replacing the old photo of Tali with a more appropriate, in-universe picture. 

The change was spotted by Reddit user Maxgoods (opens in new tab), who posted a video (opens in new tab) showing the updated version. You can still see Tali’s face in the new picture, but she’s still wearing the rest of her environmental suit. 

Tali is a Quarian, a race of aliens who need to wear environmental suits to survive due to their weak immune systems. As a result, we never see a Quarian without their suit on throughout the entire trilogy. So in the original image, which you can see here (opens in new tab), it made very little sense for the picture to show Tali chilling outside with her suit off in the original picture. This new picture looks much better and suits the character we’ve come to know and love better too.  

You'll still only get to see this picture if you choose Tali as your romance partner, which has to be started in Mass Effect 2 and continued in Mass Effect 3. If you don't choose to romance Tali, then Garrus and Tali will end up hooking up, which you can find out more about in our Mass Effect 2 romance guide.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a glorious celebration of one of the finest sci-fi series in gaming, bringing the classic games into the modern era with updated visuals, quality of life fixes, and a few surprises. You can see our roundup of the 10 most interesting improvements which include fixing the movement controls for the infamous Mako. Don’t worry Mako fans, the original Mako controls are still an option too, if you're really sure that's what you want. 

If you’ve been enjoying reliving Commander Shepard’s epic saga, then you should see everything we know about the upcoming Mass Effect 5, including the return of a series favorite character.

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