Mass Effect eventually PC-bound?

Mass Effect, the spacebound Xbox 360 RPG thatpressed all our interest buttons at X06, is rumored to be coming to PC.

"Mass Effect will come to PC... it's currently not officially confirmed but we have it on good authority," reports PC Gamer UK magazine - not too wild a prediction given the similarities between PC and 360 development.

And, of course, developer BioWare's previous Xbox titles Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire both eventually arrived in mouse-and-keyboard land, where PC owners complained that they were too consoley and they liked BioWare's old stuff better.

Above: With its endlessly talking heads, laser rifles and earth-tone palette, it's like Mass Effect is on PC already.

Normally, we wouldn't expect to see Mass Effect arriving until at least a year after the 360 version's release in 2007 - but as Microsoft is now juggling supporting 360 with pushing its new Games for Windows PC label, we could be in for a sci-fi surprise. We'll keep you posted on any developments.

October 24, 2006