Mass Effect - BioWare Interview, Part Two

Last week, we spent a jaw-dropping hour with upcoming sci-fi RPG Mass Effect. For our real-time impressions, as well as mid-democonversation withBioWare founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk, check out part one of our interview.

Before we got kicked out of the behind-doors session, however, we managed to squeeze in a few last questions about the inspirations and innovations for Mass Effect... and what the game means to the future evolution of the RPG.

GamesRadar: Can you go over your process for developing Mass Effect? What are you hoping to achieve?

Ray Muzyka, BioWare CEO: When we started out, we had a vision for the game - making a vast experience that spans a whole galaxy, which brings you up to an emotional high and then never lets you down. We wanted to bring you into this universe and disperse you amongst really credible digital actors that you believe and feel for.

Greg Zeschuk, BioWare President: For a long time in this company, we've also been working on the whole concept of digital acting. It started five or six years ago with Knights of the Old Republic, where we started doing full voice over and full character interaction. Now we've developed a new technology so that, in Mass Effect, it's entirely autonomous and procedural. For example, Shepard knows when another character is talking to him, so first he'll turn his eyes and then he'll turn his head to look at them. We've tried to create a situational awareness. Making great stories requires great story delivery, which is why we went so far in this area.

RM: The tool set that we built is just awesome in terms of allowing us to create content and digital actors, to convey story and to build interesting combat situations. It's all in engine, so everything floats back and forth. There are not cuts, loads or pre-rendered movies because everything you're seeing is the actual game.

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