Marvel is giving away "Must-Have" free comics featuring Spider-Man, Deadpool, Ms. Marvel, and more

Marvel Must-Haves #1
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Great news for Marvel fans who also love free comics: the publisher is planning a new line of free comics which collect key issues meant to bring new readers into the current Marvel Universe, and to bring lapsed readers up to speed with what fan favorite characters are up to.

But even more than just free comics, the new line of Marvel Must-Haves will actually be anthology one-shots that compile multiple issues into one single comic release with more than 80 pages of stories.

The first Marvel Must-Haves one-shot will check in with Thor and Loki, Ms. Marvel, and Deadpool and Spider-Man - all characters who are important to the MCU (or soon will be) and who are also front-and-center in current Marvel Comics - with three key issues from the last few years.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

First up, there's 2016's Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 by writer Joe Kelly and artist Ed McGuiness, the creative team that developed Deadpool into the madcap weirdo we know him to be today. As implied by the title, Spider-Man/Deadpool teams the Merc With a Mouth up with your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man for some wacky adventures.

Then there's 2023's Immortal Thor #2, the second issue of the God of Thunder's current ongoing title by Al Ewing and Martin Coccolo, which centers on Thor and Loki dealing with ancient gods who predate even them.

Finally, Marvel Must-Haves #1 will include Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1, which is co-written by the MCU's Kamala Khan actor herself, Iman Vellani, along with co-writer Sabir Pirzada (who also worked on the show) and artist Carlos Gomez. This issue will bring readers up to speed not just on Kamala Khan's current status in Marvel Comics, but also what's been going on with the X-Men.

"These FREE issues collect multiple iconic issues that spotlight the Marvel characters and comic book series currently at the forefront of pop culture," reads Marvel's official announcement. "These stories have been handpicked to get fans in-tune with current Marvel adventures, and act as perfect jumping on points for new readers too!"

And if that's not enough free comics for you, don't forget that many publishers, including Marvel, will be giving away free comics through your local comic retailers on Saturday, May 4, Free Comic Book Day. Marvel's FCBD releases will include a chapter in the saga of Marvel's big summer crossover Blood Hunt, as well as an X-Men story, and a Spider-Man/Venom one-shot.

Marvel Must-Haves will be available starting March 6 with a Spider-Man/Deadpool cover by Ed McGuiness.

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