Marvel gets right to the point in A.X.E.: Eve of Judgment #1 preview

A.X.E.: Eve of Judgment #1 art
A.X.E.: Eve of Judgment #1 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

'You're a mean one, Mr. Druig...'

Marvel has teased it for months, we know the stakes involved, all the tie-in titles, variant covers, and other Marvel event extras through September, so now it's time to finally get AXE: Judgment Day rolling...

... well, before a prelude one-shot that is. 

On July 13 Judgment Day begins with AXE.: Eve of Judgment #1, a lead-in one-shot special by the's event series' writer Kieron Gillen and artist Pasqual Ferry with a cover by Carlos Pacheco.

And as you can see by the image above and the preview pages below, Marvel doesn't waste any time setting up the conflict. Druig (currently Eternal Prime despite being an a-hole) wants all mutantkind dead and doesn't beat around the bush about it. 

As the preview shows, Druig even comes up with a means with the help of Domo (who's an actual Eternal in the comic book and not a huge ship like in the movie), and it looks pretty dead-ass serious to us.

So come for Druig's genocidal plans. Stay for Tony Stark's Iron Waffle 3000 ... no, that's not a typo. 

While there are already indications this Avengers-X-Men-Eternals three-way showdown is going by old-school Marvel rules - meaning they'll fight at the start only to team up against a greater common enemy towards the end, the mutants are deviants premise still has potentially wide-reaching effects on not only the Marvel comic book universe but potentially the MCU as well

But that remains to be seen. For now, check out the first five pages of the conflict before things start to get heavy.

AXE: Judgment Day proper kicks off July 20.

Judgment Day could go down as one of the biggest Marvel events in some time - but how will it rank among our list of the best Marvel stories of all time?

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