Marvel event King in Black expands in January with Gwenom and Black Knight specials, Planet of the Symbiotes mini

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Update: Marvel has announced another new January King in Black tie-in. King in Black: Gwenom vs Carnage is another seeming one-shot this time by writer Seanan McGuire and artist Flaviano that promises "major consequences for the popular web-slinger."

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"Equipped with a symbiotic suit of her own, the god of symbiote's descent on the Marvel Universe in King in Black will throw Gwenom's world into chaos," reads Marvel's description. "As Knull unleashes his dark influence throughout the globe, Gwen will have to defend her new home universe against one of the most dangerous symbiotes of all time — Carnage!"

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The long tail of Marvel's Venom event King in Black by continues in January. The publisher announced two new titles spinning out of the event in January. 

The latest is King in Black: Black Knight, a seeming one-shot that pulls the one-time Avenger Dane Whitman into the fray. 

Written by Simon Spurrier and drawn by Jesus Saiz, King in Black: Black Knight #1 features the wielder of the cursed Ebony Blade battling Knull and his symbiote army of dragons. 

And who better to battle dragons than a knight?

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"As the endless horde of symbiote dragons darken the skies of Shanghai, Black Knight will have to overcome the growing evil within himself while grappling with surprising discoveries about his past." reads Marvel's description. "This epic issue will introduce new readers to the fan-favorite hero and reveal the bright future he has in the Marvel Universe, all amidst a vigorous battle that will go down in Marvel history!"

Expect an expanded role for Dane Whitman at Marvel Comics next year as the character is a cast member of Marvel Studios' Eternals, currently scheduled for a November 5, 2021 release. 

Here's what Spurrier had to say about his venture into the Black Knight mythos:

"I've always had a soft spot for the Black Knight," says Spurrier. "On paper he's a splendid mashup of renaissance-fair fantasy and blood-drenched horror, somehow managing to hold his own alongside the bright sciencey heroes of the Marvel Universe. It should be an awkward fit -- and maybe it is. Maybe that awkwardness is what really sings about this character. A troubled anachronism trying to hide his dysfunction behind swashbuckly snark, whose greatest weapon (the fabled Ebony Blade!) is also the source of all his trouble. See, it's a bit... well... murdery. In a 'Thirsts For The Blood Of The Living' sort of way.

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King in Black: Black Knight joins the three-issue monthly King In Black: Planet of the Symbiotes launching in January also announced this week. 

The anthology series features stories setting up what the publisher calls "key moments" in the King in Black event, including "return of fan-favorite characters, surprising revelations about the Venom mythology, and introductions to exciting new players in the Marvel Universe."

Scream: Curse of Carnage writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Guiu Vilanova (Web of Venom: Wraith) team for a new Scream story. 

"Amidst Knull's takeover, Scream is forced to take on her siblings, the other Life Foundation Symbiotes, in an action-packed family reunion that will prove once and for all who the strongest Venom offspring really is," reads Marvel's description. 

Also, writer Frank Tieri and artist Danilo Beyruth (Web of Venom: Carnage Born) tell a story set at Ravencroft Institute picking up directly on the developments from Tieri's recent Ravencroft series.

"This haunting tale will house surprising discoveries about Knull's legacy on Earth and reveal the role that Carnage's ancestor, Cortland Kasady, has to play in things to come," reads the description. 

Marvel says more details of subsequent King In Black: Planet of the Symbiotes stories will be revealed at a later date. 

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