Marvel's most iconic couples get special covers in November

Marvel's greatest couples
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics is never without a concurrent variant cover theme or two, particularly as drawn by the artists it's identified as 'Stormbreakers' - its "next generation of elite artists."

The publisher has just revealed its latest Stormbreaker variant cover theme, Marvel's greatest couples, and looking at the list of the couples that will be celebrated, it appears being a current couple isn't a criterion.

Marvel is dipping into the past for some of them because superhero romances are  "just as riveting and integral to their mythos as their most epic battles," according to the publisher.

The romantic pairings from past and present that get variant covers are: 

  • Spider-Man and Mary Jane
  • Jean Grey and Cyclops
  • Daredevil and Elektra
  • Mystique and Destiny
  • Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic
  • Captain America and Sharon Carter
  • Storm and Black Panther
  • Scarlet Witch and Vision

That last couple - Wanda and Vision - is particularly interesting given the state of the relationship of MCU versions of the characters is decades behind the comic book versions who haven't been a couple for many years. 

However, the publisher may have found a way to bridge that gap as the events of September 15's The Trial of Magneto #2 may have engineered a rapid means to get them back together. 

And the new cover is very reminiscent of their recent reunion scene. 

The Trial of Magneto #2

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The couple variant covers will debut in November, and here's a list of all eight by on-sale date, title, couple, and artist, followed by a gallery of all eight covers.

On Sale November 10

  • Black Panther Legends #2 Storm and Black Panther by Joshua Cassara

On Sale November 17

  • Avengers #50 Scarlet Witch and Vision by Carmen Carnero
  • Daredevil #36 Daredevil and Elektra by Juann Cabal
  • Fantastic Four #38 Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic by Natacha Bustos
  • X-Men #5 Jean Grey and Cyclops by Iban Coello

On Sale November 24

  • Amazing Spider-Man #80 Spider-Man and Mary Jane by R.B. Silva
  • Captain America/Iron Man #1 Captain America and Sharon Carter by Patrick Gleason
  • Inferno #3 Mystique and Destiny by Peach Momoko

Three of those couples (well, two and 1/2, kind of) make our list of the most prominent power couples in comic book history

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