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Martha is Dead drops a terrifying new trailer that explores a haunted Italian farm

The Future Games Show just revealed a new trailer Martha is Dead, a terrifying new first-person horror game from LKA releasing this year on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

In Martha is Dead, you'll play a day in the life of Giulia, whose sister Martha was recently murdered. Giulia has returned to the Tuscan farmhouse where the two girls grew up and spends the day walking around, exploring the area, and taking photos of the wildlife and landscapes to develop in her darkroom. But as the day goes on, and night falls, you'll come face-to-face with something terrifying that lingers in the woods.

"We should have been there, not her..." a voice says in the trailer as the camera pans over what looks like an idyllic locale. It's clear that this isn't the case, however, as the shot before it is of what is presumably Martha's dead body, and the shot after shows several decomposing farm animals that look like they've been attacked by something otherworldly. There's clearly something in the woods surrounding this farmhouse, and Giulia is investigating what that may be. 

As we learned during an interview with studio head of developer LKA, Luca Dalcò, Martha is Dead's story won't be so straightforward. "The game will still explore the human mind, but with a more artistic approach, frequently suspending reality and creating symbolically powerful abstract scenes," Dalcò explains.  

There's a hint of that suspension of reality in the recent trailer. As Giulia is developing photos in her darkroom, a voiceover says, "What are you saying…? Giulia is dead." Well, we know Martha is dead... but is Giulia's fate similar?

Martha is Dead releases late 2021 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam. 

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