Mario Kart Wii: 12 players or 16?

Sept 6, 2007

Update: A statement released by the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine reads:

The details printed in Official Nintendo Magazine 21 regarding Mario Kart Wii were healthy speculation on our part and are in no way an official announcement from Nintendo.

We are sorry if we have mislead anyone. We do not set out to mislead our readers. ONM apologises profusely for any misunderstandings that this has caused. Update ends.

Original story: As Reggie told a crowd of journalists at E3 earlier this year to "wait and see" how many players would be on the course at once in the new game, a trailer behind him clearly showed 12 karts lined up on the starting grid.

Despite no further announcements having come from Nintendo, UK Official Nintendo Magazine says the online battle mode will allow for 16 players.

We're chasing Nintendo as we type for confirmation.

Courtesy of CVG.