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Mario Galaxy a "borderline failure"

Nov 29, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy's failure to sell in staggering numbers across Americahas led to the game being labelled a "borderline failure" by research analyst Michael Comeau, and that Nintendo's biggest Wii game will be a "huge disappointment" if it doesn't sell more than 3 million copies before the end of the year.

We'll put aside our opinions that a) sweaty-browed men in suits shouldn't talk about videogames, especially ones who can't make eye contact with the camera, and b) analysts can prove anything with numbers. Because we'd actually expect Galaxy to sell like crazy too. According to Comeau, it's all our fault.

Above: Mario Galaxy isn't shifting the big numbers expected of itin the US, apparently

Well, it's the fault of American Wii owners. Comeau explains that Wii gamers aren't "aggressive" with their cash - they just don't buy enough games. Unlike Xbox 360 gamers, for instance,who would probably sell their own kidneys (and a friend's) to buy all the month's new releases.

"I think Super Mario Galaxy is six times better - at least - than Halo 3," Comeau remarks rather specifically during his interview with US news site But the Wii gamers just aren't biting. Although, he does admit, Christmas presents will no doubt boost Galaxy sales. By about 5000%, we'd expect.