Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games demo has a surfing mini-game, may or may not include nipples

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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (what a mouthful) now has a free demo available on the Switch store ahead of its official release on November 5. The demo will let you try out a selection 2D and 3D events by yourself, or in local multiplayer if you have an online subscription. You'll be able to dive into a spot of surfing or test out your martial arts prowess with a round of karate. 

Back in August the Sega and Nintendo sports crossover released a new trailer that sparked a debate about the existence of Wario's nipples. Yep, you read that right. It essentially became the great Nintendo nipple scandal of 2019. Since the trailer showed a cast of characters taking part in some water-based activities, we got to see some of the franchises iconic characters in all their swimming gear, and the internet lost it over Wario and Eggman's physiques. 

After Super Mario Odyssey let the world finally know that Mario did, in fact, have nipples, the famous plumber's infamous rival has now taken centre stage in this regard. Folks were taking to zooming in on Wario's chest to try and uncover the truth, while others cried out in alarm over the lack of bellybuttons. Since then we've had any opportunity to further scrutinise Wario and finally put this debate to bed, but if you just can't wait until November to find out for yourself, the demo's surfing mini-game is sure to help.

Who would have thought the Olympic games would have thrown up a debate about the Wario's chest. If you want to try out the game and see for yourself, you can now download the demo by searching for the game on the Nintendo eShop

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