Make Michael Jackson your Mii

Wii's expansive create-an-avatar Mii channel is beginning to show its flexibility, with a new website providing walkthroughs of how to create celebrity Mii characters -like Michael Jackson.

The site,, is in early days but already has examples of a late 90's Jackson, Ron Jeremy, a zombie and a Lego man Mii. If you've created your own famous face, head on over to the site and post a how-to yourself. Then bask in the thanks of thousands of pleased Wii gamers.

Above: Michael Jackson, in all his Mii glory - there's also a far more gaunt looking version on the site.

If you need inspiration, why not pop over - unfortunately there are no how-to guides, but there are hundreds of Miis to see and learn from. What's your best Mii-creation? Why not head on into theforumsand show it off?

December 13, 2006

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