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MAG: Is it any good?

You won't immediately notice the immense scale of the battles because of the squad structure. You play as part of an eight man squad, teamed with three others to form a platoon sent out to tackle various objectives. It's a bit like several separate five-a-side matches all taking place on the same field. Only instead of balls crossing between pitches it's grenades and RPGs.

The only time we really got a sense of the magnitude of the war we were contributing to when we dipped into the map to see what looked like a swarm of angry bees fighting. You may only be fighting 30 or so other people but the other two hundred are out there. Although we did have a few games where it felt like all 256 players were fighting to control the same small tin shack. Those were big moments.

Above: There we are, on the left, just between thetwo red dots. There!

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